Aldi & Lidl UK Keto Food Shop (Mostly clean keto) // Keto Family Shop

Aldi & Lidl UK Keto Food Shop (Mostly clean keto) // Keto Family Shop

Whilst this doesn’t cover all of the foods we buy (we had a lot of meat in the freezer already), hopefully this video will show you lots of different foods you can get from Aldi and Lidl UK for a (mostly) clean keto lifestyle 🙂

For more info on what to buy, head to the ‘New To Keto. section of the recipe library:

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  1. Hi just found your video, it's great to find someone doing keto in the UK and giving such great advice, been doing ket o on and off for a year but was following U S videos which are ok but much of their food stuffs don't relate to ours, also I'm pleased that your using Aldi and Lidl because this diet can be costly, fallen off the keto wagon over Christmas but just climbing back on, I'm a new subscriber to your channel so looking forward to watching more vids, happy New keto year x

  2. I need to lose a few lbs…..watching your video has helped me decide to start keto….Im weighing up my not so strong points, and thats i like a bourbon on a weekend…and I like honey, a teaspoon in tea….can I have milk in tea now or not? We have long life semi..
    I’ll def buy coconut milk too now as i love coconut- and i do do chia pudds – so your mousse will be addressed this week!
    Im a bit of a daze trying to get mu head round all this keto lark, but Id love to see if it works for me
    Thanks for your video

  3. I really enjoyed how you simplify buying keto and meal options I’m paleo and on the road to keto but I do my homework before bi start so I’m not overwhelmed and fully prepared! I like what you said about the Mayo I was struggling with that and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for avocado Mayo so I made my own, and now I have a big jar from cosco but it’s too much! Lol thanks!

  4. Ive just this week started keto eating and i used to love a stir fry……made a stir fry last night with fine sliced white cabbage as a noodle replacement 😯 its sooo much nicer than noodles…adds a great crunch

  5. So glad you’ve made this, finding your own keto foods in England is a chore! I love seeing what everyone else buys. I’m big into cottage cheese for breakfast, then mackerel and pan fried tender stem broccoli with crushed garlic and pink rock salt for lunch. Had that every day this week haha, I go through phases with my foods.

  6. 😍 Im on week 3 of Keto and STRUGGLING I'm a snacker more than a 3 meal a day person. I'm trying to find some snacky tyoe things to just snack on especially whilst studying. (I'm also allergic to nuts so finding a flour is impossible!) Help please 🤣

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