7 Day Cast Iron Skillet Keto Meal Plan

7 Day Cast Iron Skillet Keto Meal Plan

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Welcome back to the FatForWeightLoss channel, it’s so good to have you back. Recently, I’ve been busy getting a secret keto cookbook written that will launch in December this year, but today I thought I’d show you how to prepare a 7-day keto meal plan using a single skillet

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy, the link is in the description or the first pinned comment of this video. I made it super cheap because it’s an ebook. Look, I know you all like to have a real physical book so that you can spill things on them… so it also comes with a high-quality version you can print (unlike other recipe books you’ve bought that come out like postage stamps)

Anyway! Let’s get cracking

Firstly, cast iron skillets are workhorses if you know how to look after them. Compared to a non-stick frying pan, these will last a lifetime, plus you don’t get all the nasty chemicals that come with companies trying to stick a non-stick surface like Teflon to aluminium. They have to use some pretty serious glue that isn’t great for our bodies.

You probably already know cast iron is good, so then the next question I’ll need to ask you. Are you cooking for yourself, or are you cooking for a partner? I only ask because there are two different sizes that you might need:

A 9” (23 cm) skillet which is most useful for preparing 2 portions, either for you and your partner, or for dinner, and lunch the next day.

Or a 10.5” (26.5 cm) skillet which is most useful for preparing 4 portions, either for you for 4 days, or you and your partner for dinner and lunch the next day.

If you’re already confused… don’t worry, the recipe book covers this in much more detail

Here are my super simple steps to looking after cast iron when you’re cooking. These are by no means laws of cast iron, this is just what works for me… so LEAVE ME ALONE cast iron police!

Tip #1 – Before you start cooking with cast iron, don’t crank the burner to full bore and let it rip to the hottest setting as quickly as possible. This could potentially put cracks in your cast iron skillet that your mum handed down from your mum and your dad’s aunties uncle won’t be too happy.

Just heat it slowly. Set a timer to 5 minutes.

Tip #2 – Skillets got a bad name in the age of low-fat diets. There were many eggs sacrificed to the surface of skillets without enough fat. So, don’t be a wimpy, use loads of healthy fats. Fats like avocado oil and ghee have high smoking points. Ghee is my favourite.

Tip #3 – Once you’re done cooking, while it’s still warm, rinse it under hot water (not cold, remember those temperature cracks?), and use a brush to get rid of any sticky bits. You can use salt as an extra abrasive… I personally don’t use soap. Then place it back on the stove to get it bone dry, add some avocado oil over the pan, wipe away the excess and you’re done.

Tip #4 – Stop moving your food so much. It will self-release once each side is done cooking. Simple

Right, let’s get cooking.
The meal plan inside the cookbook is what I would call a meal plan, and not so much meal prep, although in theory any meal made pre-prepared is technically meal prep.
Whatever you make for dinner, you can take for lunch the next day.
Breakfast is skipped on Monday because it just works better technically speaking, but I know you’ve probably had a cheeky weekend, and its time to get back on the wagon… fasting can be a great way to kickstart the process of getting back into ketosis.

5 Easy Breakfast Recipes
4 Simple Side Dishes, including keto “potato” tots and keto “corn” bread
8 Main Meals including pizza and pasta recipes
3 Desserts. Yes, you can easily make chocolate chip cookies and cheesecakes in a skillet too!
Recipe images for every recipe
Macro calculations for every recipe (even their percentages) – that’s a nifty one.
7 Day meal plan for 1, 2 or 4 people. It just depends on the size of your skillet.
A shopping list that contains everything you need to make the meal plan
Subsitutions even if you’re dairy-free nut-free, sweetener-free, taste-free…

And the best part. All the recipes have built-in portion control. For example, each recipe has a portion of 2. Which means half the skillet. It doesn’t mean you follow someone else recipe to make a delicious keto meal, only to find the portion is crazy small to make the carbs under 5g… None of that BS here.

So, I hope you liked this video. If you own a skillet, and you’re looking to make easy keto meals with heaps less washing up, with a simple, no BS attitude, then this is for you.

If you like complicated recipes, I assure you, there are plenty of jumbled up recipes out there you can go try. These are simple. We like simple. I like simple. The end, simple.


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  2. I started keto combine with intermittent fasting recently. I love it because I’m dropping so many inches, and fast and I’m feeling energy like I’ve never had before. The only big thing that I was struggling with was finding keto recipes that I could cook quickly. Thank you so much for these recipes. You are helping so many people like me stick to this diet and get healthy. God bless you. 🙏🏼👍😊❤️

  3. Went to bigW today looking for a keto dessert cook book. As I'm incharge of making something for xmas. I found a book that i really liked lol it's yours "Keto sweet tooth" cant wait to make something out of it.
    Thank you so much, love your channel

  4. You're an Aussie – they are frying pans – we don't call them skillets – never heard that except from Americans in my over 60 years in Australia! I hate American speak creeping in – biscuits NOT cookies, chips NOT french fries – I hate listening to you try and be American – be true to your country of origin – Americans never change their version of English for anyone else so why do you? Pander much?

  5. You are a credit Aaron, I would of never known where to start with Keto until I found your channel. Parmasen garlic wings are a staple in our household now. I’m going to purchase right now 🙂 Those eggs look amazing 😉

  6. Thanks for just these 3 amazing recipes you've shown! I started living by Keto about 3 weeks ago. My body is still not on keto yet; but I will definitely stay on it until I get it. And with meal ideas like these it's actually kinda easy to stay away from carbs…😄

    Greetings from germany; your channel is really good! 👍

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