5 Ways to Get Through Constipation on Your Keto Diet

5 Ways to Get Through Constipation on Your Keto Diet

This video is about how to avoid constipation on a keto diet. The keto diet has become incredibly popular among those wanting to lose weight but it is also popular for those with neurological issues, heart disease and diabetes.

A lot of people have already come to this channel for tips on constipation. My constipation videos are the most watched videos on this channel, so I thought I would make a video about how to avoid constipation if you are on a keto diet.

This video offers yoga, lifestyle tips, liquid, food that you can have on a keto diet, and self massage that will help prevent constipation and alleviate constipation if you are already experiencing it. These tips, exercises and recommendations to relieve constipation naturally are based on my experience and teaching since 2002. I even share some testimonials in this video from my students who have had success with the yoga exercises and self massage for constipation that I share.

Short Yoga Videos for Constipation:

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  1. This was awesome. I massaged my stomach and had the hot lemon water. It worked within 10min and I even had another movement 4 hours later. Started keto for the first time January 3 and I’m down 8 pounds. Maybe even more after using the restroom.

  2. I had been on keto egg fast and by the 4 day I was severely constipated. What helped was
    Electrolyte powder with some lemon
    Psyllium husk
    Probiotic pill
    Her colon massage
    And yoga move
    It was painful but at least it got out 😩.
    Going to eat some vegtables tonight 😊

  3. I had a severe bowel obstruction from keto. Thought I was going to die! Pain worse than child birth. Had to have colonics for months. Lost 5lbs in one session. One thing that worked for me is warm silk with a few squares of baker’s chocolate with benefiber added. I also take 500mg of magnesium per day.

  4. I'll probably do all. I'm so sick of this rock hard stool of mine, to the point that i'm thinking of giving up on keto. But i will try these tips first tho and we'll see. 🙂🤞🏼

  5. It's just terrible. It took me about 3 months to be almost normal. I had medicine but only worked at the beginning. I quit keto and after 20 days I'm feeling so much better. Best of luck to all of you.

  6. I just have a coffee with milk as a quick fix solution … the carb content of milk in a small tea cup of coffee is minimal (5 mg) so you should be fine and still on ketosis … as the milk is important as that is what breaks down the stomach … even if throws you out of ketosis it’s for a couple of hours max … small price to pay

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