The keto diet: “Lost 10 lbs (5 kg) in two weeks. Love it!”

Over 405,000 people have signed up for our The Custom Keto Diet (Check my review here). You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a  keto diet.Here are new fantastic stories from the people who’ve taken the challenge:


Loved it!

I’ve lost 8 lbs (4 kg) in the 2-week period, 5 (2 kg) in the first, 3 (1 kg) in the second and all I did was eat keto. Eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast pretty much everyday. Salads for lunch. Nuts for snack. Sensible keto-friendly dinners and 2 oz (57 g) of 70% cacao chocolate once in a while. Oh and “Halo Top” ice creams with low net carbs per serving.

I am doing with my fiance and she’s lost 6 lbs (3 kg) in 2 weeks.

Thanks for all your help and guidance – our journey is not over yet, we are just getting started.

Be well!

To the Diet Doctor.

Thank you so much. I’ve learned a lot. I can do this as a lifestyle change not a diet. I’ve lost 2.9 kg (6 lbs) in two weeks and 13 cm (5 inches) on the waist. On other diets I was hungry all the time!!!!!!


My brother suggested we check out your website and we’re so glad we did! My husband and I took the 2-week challenge together and we’re thrilled with our success!

Both of us lost weight, as well as inches, and we have more energy. We’re sleeping better too.

We even managed to have a keto-friendly birthday party on the weekend for our teenage son.

We’ve been telling everyone we know about your website. The recipes are simple, delicious, and have been enjoyed by our kids as well.

After trying other methods for weight loss and just trying to feel healthy again, this program was the one that worked … with AWESOME results!

We will continue with your meal plans… fans for life!!


Lost 10 lbs (5 kg) in two weeks. Love it!Marion

Thank you for allowing me to try 2 weeks. The meals were delicious. I’m 5’7 (170 cm) and weigh 115 lbs (52 kg), so I found the meals a bit to caloric for me. I’ve been keto for a few years, like to eat several times per day so I found that I actually put weight on. Though I love dairy I think it’s a little triggering for me, I always seem to feel less energetic and want to eat more when dairy is present (hence eating all those delicious meals that where more caloric).

In hindsight I feel that perhaps I should have prepped 2 serving sizes of the meals and then divided that back to 3 servings, would probably have worked out better for me and fit into my daily macros better


Loved it… great easy recipes, great informative website.

I am now embracing the keto way of eating. It’s still challenging at times but I just continue to educate myself.I’ve also incorporated intermittent fasting.

Thank you

I am 61 and started the keto challenge two weeks ago. I am hooked and can’t see going back to eating the way I did. I lost 10 lbs (5 kg) in two weeks and am in it for the long haul.


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