Is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss?

Absolutely! The ketogenic diet is getting a lot of good buzzes and also equal portions of criticisms in the past few years.

The good buzz comes because… it just works. Even if you don’t fully subscribe to the HFLC (high fat, low carb) science, the diet gives you an immensely satisfying alternative to the modern high sugar/carbohydrate diet.

On top of that has gained a foothold and delivering results amongst top athletes who are already in top shape and to the other side of the spectrum, diabetics who need drastic lifestyle changes.

Here are some of the benefits I have directly experienced after going keto;

  • Fat loss and while maintaining muscle mass
  • Overall improved energy levels
  • A natural / instinctive aversion to refined foods / sugar/starchy carbs
  • Never feeling hungry
  • Clarity of thought
  • Supports both endurance sports and bodybuilding

The science behind ketogenic dieting is ongoing but the facts supporting the claims are already clearly evident and it is very interesting to watch the space as the bolder claims of anti-cancer and reversal of diabetes condition are explored.

It draws criticisms for a few reasons;

a) It sounds crazy. Eat fat and lose weight? That’s counterintuitive and goes against the grain (pun intended) of much of the recent (say last 50 years) understanding of dietary needs. It also comes hand in hand with intermittent fasting which debunks the ‘breakfast is most important meal’ myth. Generally speaking, people are forever reluctant to reprogram their thinking to the new logic. People are always suspicious of a radically different logic, whether it is backed by science (as is the case with Keto) or not.

b) Keto dieters who experience the drastic results can become dogmatic about it and promote it with unreserved hyperbole. No one likes to be lectured, no one likes a know it. Naturally, people can get an impression from this and forever be turned off by this behavior.

c) It is not yet mainstream. Many doctors are still promoting the old systems and knowledge and not familiar with the latest science and many people still treat a doctor’s word as gospel.

Keto is by no means the only way to achieve weight loss. For some people the diet will be too restrictive, some people are not as sensitive to carbohydrates as others and most people will gain benefit from just eating less and exercise more.

But again, to plainly answer your question, Is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss? Absolutely!

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