Can I lose weight fast on ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is by far the fastest way to lose weight.

The reasons are:

1. Tapping into the body’s own fat burning mechanism

In other diets, when you create a calorific deficit the body thinks it is starving and tries to hold on to its fat stores. In a keto diet, one teaches the body to use fat as fuel.

This connection between what you want to achieve and how the body reacts to it favorably is the biggest reason why the ketogenic diet is the fastest way to lose weight.

2. Getting to the root cause of weight gain/obesity

The main reason behind the world getting fatter is due to the explosive rise of sugar loaded carb rich foods. These are addictive. White sugar is as addictive as some narcotic drugs.

Universally, all diets cut down on these simple sugars. But that doesn’t solve the addiction problem. The more time you stay away from sugars, the more you will start craving your favorite ice cream and cookies. Once your perseverance gives way, you will start craving even more than before.

The keto diet solves this problem by taking an alternative route. Initially you load your diet with fats. Fats are denser energy stores than carbs. The body is content with the energy it’s getting and doesn’t enter into starvation mode.

This creates an opening that can be used to rectify the sugar cravings. The rectification is simple. Stop the rapid fluctuation of blood sugar levels and stabilize it. Only when the sugar levels go low, you start to crave.


Of late, the most widely popular weight-loss diets are paleo, Atkins, low carb, high fat, and high protein diets.

All diets have few things in common

  • Cutting down on carbs
  • Increasing protein and fat intake

Even if one argues paleo diet is based on something different, think again. None of the foods in the paleo diet have a high carb content.

So keto diet is just taking this idea to the extreme. You go for almost zero carbs, moderate protein, and high fat to achieve the fastest results.

I feel it’s silly when people argue paleo is better than keto or vice versa. They are just two diets that have the same nutritional basis but different origins.

4. Rapid results

Results are the biggest motivation to carry on with any diet plan. In today’s world of instant gratification, diets too should work like that.

The starting of the keto diet is a time of extremely rapid weight loss. Every unused carbohydrate is stored as glycogen along with some water molecules and after some time stored as fat with some more water molecules.

In the initial stage of entering into ketosis, when the freshly made fat molecules with lots of water packed in them break down and get released. You urinate more frequently than before, a tonne of weight is lost. (Remember this is not the small water loss weight change that happens when you are dehydrated or the loss in weight when you check it in the morning without drinking anything, this is substantial weight loss).

When you first teach the body to body to use fat as fuel, it sees an ocean of energy and is really happy to burn it, after that the ocean becomes a sea, sea reduces to a lake and finally, the lake becomes a well. The weight loss when there is an ocean(at the start) is going to be crazy fast.


This is another big advantage of the keto diet. When you want to lose weight you want to lose fat only. Losing muscle is the worst thing that happens when one starts to cut calories. The body seeing a lack of energy, starts to break down muscle in order to synthesize energy.

The less muscle you carry, the lesser the metabolism. A lot of one’s daily intake is used to just maintain muscle mass. The average calorie expenditure for a bodybuilder would be higher than 4000calories to maintain all that muscle.

In the keto diet, provided you take care of taking in enough protein, the muscle cells remain largely unaffected. The body won’t tinker much with the harmless muscles when you show the ocean of fat to it.


  • I started at 100 kilos(left Pic). Had an ocean of fat.Reduced 7kilos in the first 10 days.
  •  In the next 30 days, reduced 8 more to become 85 kilos
  • From 85 to 70kgs, it took me 30–40 days or so
  • Lost the last 5 kilos by the combination of exercise and a clean diet


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